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Hebei Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HCIG) was formerly the Hebei Construction and Investment Company, founded in August 1988. In September 2009, after approved by the Provincial Government, the company was transformed to a state-owned sole proprietorship with limited liability, as the investment and financing platform, infrastructure construction platform, and financial service platform of the Hebei Provincial Government to converge, accommodate and guide the social capital and financial capital, supporting the economic development of Hebei Province, as well as a state-owned capital operating institution and investment body supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the People's Government of Hebei Province (HBSA), with registered capital of 15 billion RMB. By the end of 2016, the Group Company merged total assets of 139.3 billion RMB, with net assets of 59.7 billion RMB. The Group owns about 13000 employees in the subsidiary enterprises, and over 180 joint stock and controlled enterprises. The Group controls Hebei Jointo Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and the China Suntien Green Energy Co., Ltd., both listed companies, and participated in the initiation and establishment of Beijing Datang Power Generation Co., Ltd. and the Huaneng Power International Inc., as the state-owned capital investment and operation company under Hebei Provincial Government.

We control 9 backbone power generation companies in Hebei Province, with controllable installation capacity of 6,960,000 kw. we own wind power projects in Hebei, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Shandong, Yunnan, and Inner Mongolia, etc., with controlled installation capacity of 2,093,600 kw. We also actively develop photovoltaic power generation projects, with controlled installation capacity of 47,000 kw.

We owns long-distance pipeline of 602.8 km, and urban pipe network of 1,370.6 km, covering 27 urban fuel gas markets in the province, and unceasingly delivered clean energy of over 11 billion cubic meters to the Yan Zhao area in accumulation. As the main representative of investors of Hebei Province in the Province-Ministry cooperation project, we invested and participated in the construction of 29 projects including Shuo-Huang railway, Huanghua port, Tangshan port, Jing-Hu high speed railway, Jing-Shi, Shi-Tai and Jing-Shen lines for passenger transportation, etc., completed railway of 2,154.94 km and expressway of 79 km in total, with port handling capacity of 780 million tons. As the leading enterprise of water utilities in HebeiProvince, our projects are distributed in Cangzhou, Caofeidian, Langfang, Shijiazhuang and Shahe, etc., with water supply taking one third of the provincial market share. In addition, the Group also invests in county basic industry, infrastructure construction, financial service, mineral exploration and exploitation, and many other industries, made significant contributions in the economic development of Hebei Province.

The company was successively awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal, National Advanced Party Organization at the Primary Level for Pioneering and Creating Excellence, Hebei Provincial Civilized Unit, Prize for Revitalizing Hebei Economy, Advanced Unit for Key Project Construction, AAA Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise, and other honorary titles.

Facing the future, HCIG will make overall arrangements of every task objectives according to the requirements given in modern enterprise system and property right management system, making the most advantages of the Bohai Rim and Beijing-Tianjin Circle Development, in the fields of county economic development, industrial transformation and upgrade, etc., to fully utilize the three platforms of investment and financing, infrastructure construction, and financial service of the Provincial Government, while supporting the economic development of Hebei, creating the Group as a large state-owned capital investment and operation group with advanced concept, scientific management, bold undertaking, and excellent performance.



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